Let YOUR visitors have some fun at your web site "and" give them a reason to return back to your site over and over again!

Our nifty little 100% self contained mini coloring page widget allows your visitors to view and then print coloring pages directly from your site, and this without ever leaving your site!

We host all the code, the graphics and even the full collection of free coloring pages for your visitors... no back link from you to us is ever required.

Copy the tiny line of html code below into your page and you're set, it's simple, fast and it's very easy:

If you'd like your web site or blog link placed on this page:

After you've placed a free coloring page widget on your web site, blog, or social network site (Facebook etc.) send us an email (webmaster at this domain name). Include a link to the page where your free coloring page widget is located and we'll place your link below!

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Free People Search Internet data Bottom center page
Paid Online Surveys Resources page Top right column
Free Million Dollar Bills Cool stuff page Header top right
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